Phase 1: Define Problem

We are entering the first phase of the design process for the 2016 340 High Street Student Art Magazine. In order to better understand what 340 has been (and therefore define what it can become), we have formed teams to explore previous issues.

Team Assignments

  • Samantha G., Jessica, Tylor, and Samantha D. will evaluate the 2011 edition
  • Deborah, Karin, and Levi will evaluate the 2012 edition
  • Savannah and Trisha will evaluate the 2013 edition
  • Grace, Army, and Sara will evaluate the 2014 edition
  • Craig, Diane, Kathryn, and Courtney will evaluate the 2015 edition

You will have the first 30 minutes to continue your discussions with your teams. Then, we will meet as a class to discuss the previous editions.

Due: class 2 • R 8/25


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