Previous Edition Audit

Here are your findings from the previous issues.

2011 Edition

  • PRO: larger page size
  • PRO: strong typographic cover
  • PRO: one book
  • PRO: organized sections
  • PRO: typography
  • PRO: thank you and process area
  • CON: construction of the roll fold
  • CON: grid usage could be stronger—less variation
  • CON: could use more white space
  • CON: captions unclear

2012 Edition

  • PRO: Pocket or slip case as an idea
  • PRO: organized sections
  • PRO: larger images
  • PRO: mysterious container
  • PRO: additional content
  • CON: four books are cumbersome
  • CON: confusing caption treatments
  • CON: container is not very durable

2013 Edition

  • PRO: mysterious container
  • PRO: perfect binding
  • PRO: writing
  • PRO: organized sections
  • PRO: black background for artwork
  • PRO: QR Codes
  • PRO: use of pattern
  • CON: doesn’t lay flat
  • CON: no thank you section
  • CON: impersonal
  • CON: uncoated paper—this was controversial 😉
  • CON: inconsistent caption and bleed conventions
  • CON: tiny font

2014 Edition

  • PRO: landscape orientation
  • PRO: gloss paper—this was also controversial 😉
  • PRO: bindery
  • PRO: use of quotes a good idea—though not sure about the execution
  • CON: disorganized content—grouped by color
  • CON: major inconsistencies in design
  • CON: nothing special about it—could easily be a PDF
  • CON: no personalization like the previous editions

2015 Edition

  • PRO: colors
  • PRO: pattern
  • PRO: typography on the cover
  • PRO: organized by themes rather than discipline
  • PRO: self-mailing
  • CON: writing
  • CON: typographic pairings
  • CON: distracting use of pattern behind work
  • CON: cover page colors
  • CON: a little over the top in deco inspiration
  • CON: functionality of the top binding
  • CON: hierarchy

Some things that seemed very important to the group in general are:

  • Captions and image identification
  • Having a personalized section or a human touch
  • Sections and organization


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