Pr 02 • Concept Development

Team Assignments

  1. Team Minimal | Courtney, Craig, and Sean
  2. Team Hi/Lo | Deborah, Kathryn, Savannah, and Tylor
  3. Team Edition Variable | Amber, Grace, Karin, Levi, Samantha D., Trisha
  4. Team Subversive Bindery |  Army, Diane, Jessica, Samantha G., Sara

Over the next week, discuss and develop your ideas with your team members. Prepare a PDF to present your concept to the printer for evaluation—be sure that your presentation accurately articulates your singular concept.

Consider, design, and address the following when presenting your idea:

  • Materials (paper, special production accommodations, etc.)
  • Binding
  • Front and back covers
  • Title page
  • About the VAC content
  • Section intros
  • Two page spread layout with student art work and caption conventions
  • Thank you section
  • Colophon
  • Index
  • Personalized section (if relevant)

Due: class 12 • R 9/29


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