Lynx Opaque Paper is in!

I am delivering the paper to Professional to have it trimmed for your blank dummies. Here are the specs for each team:

  1. Team Subversive Binding
    46 sheets trimmed to 8.5-in x 8.5-in = 92 pages in single sheets
    4 sheets trimmed to 17-in x 8.5-in  = 8 pages in french folds
  2. Team Super Gold
    50 sheets trimmed to 5.5-in x 8-in = 100 pages in single sheets
  3. Team Edition Variable
    48 sheets trimmed to 8-in x 8-in = 96 pages in single sheets
  4. Team Hi/Lo
    13 sheets trimmed to 17-in x 11-in = 52 pages in spreads
    Folded page size 8.5-in x 11-in

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