Punch List

Decide which four colors you think should be assigned to each section. Print the colors out for class discussion on Tuesday of next week. Have a look at the Pantone Solid to process guide for help in choosing colors.

Team Structure
Diane, Kathryn, Samantha G., Sara, Trisha, and Tylor

  1. Trim images for placement
  2. Assign images to corresponding sections in spreadsheet
  3. Count images for each section in previous issues
  4. Compare previous issue image count to current images
  5. Determine section page count requirements for this year
  6. Create dummy for page assignments
  7. Assign artwork to pages
  8. Determine motion pieces and upload to Vimeo
  9. Determine coded web pages and other web content and upload to VB server
  10. Create QR codes for digital content

Team Template
Jessica, Deborah, Courtney, Grace, and Samantha D.

  1. Determine page size
  2. Setup InDesign template grid
  3. Resolve caption design issues
  4. Resolve running head and folio design issues
  5. Setup style sheets for typographic content
  6. Create master pages
  7. Research thread matching to Pantone
  8. Choose thread colors to order
  9. Order thread
  10. Match thread to spot and CMYK process colors

Team Content
Army, Craig, Sean, Levi, Karin, and Savannah

  1. Audit previous edition’s process sections (see 2011 & 2012)
  2. Brainstorm potential uses for the process section—you can have up to two pages
  3. Present three potential uses of process section to class for discussion on Thursday, November 3rd
  4. Write a first draft of content for all pages and sections—about the VAC, about 340, Process, Thanks, Colophon, Section Intro Text—to present to Sue Fay on Thursday, November 3rd
  5. Revise content drafts
  6. Photograph process section images
  7. Design process section pages

Team Jared

  1. Work on your portfolio

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