Super-Duper Final-ish Punch List

In order to get her to press, here are the remaining tasks for 340 in no specific order:

  1. Compile all design spreads into mechanical file • thanks, Sara!
  2. Convert all blacks to rich black
  3. Complete title page design • Template team upload file to my Dropbox
  4. Finalize About the VAC and 340 copy • Content team upload text file to Dropbox
  5. Finalize design of the About the VAC and 340 page • Template team upload file to Dropbox
  6. Finalize design of the table of contents • Template team upload file to Dropbox
  7. Place and test QR Codes for all dynamic content • Deborah and Heather in progress
  8. Update QR code link in explanation (easter egg: donut images web page perhaps?) • Jared and Craig upload relevant files to Dropbox
  9. Resolve Matt Jefferson’s Video • thanks, Jared!
  10. Change Vimeo Avatar • Tylor upload image file to Dropbox
  11. Finalize copy for process spread • Content team upload text file to Dropbox
  12. Finalize layout design for process spread • Content team upload text file to Dropbox
  13. Finalize writing for thank you section • Content team upload text file to Dropbox
  14. Finalize writing for colophon (reword Helvetica Neue text) • Content team upload text file to Dropbox
  15. Manually add page numbers to mechanical files • Heather
  16. Finalize design of the index and populate information • Template team upload file to Dropbox, Kathryn, Sara and Diane will create content once page numbers are clarified
  17. Create mechanical file for french folds • Template team upload file to Dropbox
  18. Finalize color builds and alter mechanical files accordingly • All TBD
  19. Eliminate any personal information in graphic design student work • Grace, Tylor, and Samantha G. are assessing which files this will effect
  20. QA the whole book as a class • Kathryn, Grace, Samantha D., Diane, Trisha, Amber, Jessica
  21. Finalize cover design  • Template team upload file to Dropbox
  22. Create mechanical file for covers • Template team upload file to Dropbox
  23. Have Sue proof the book
  24. Have Shelley proof the book
  25. Have Corrine proof the book
  26. Preflight the mechanical files • Heather
  27. Print a dummy • Heather and All
  28. Deliver files to Professional Printing • All
  29. Compile phone number list of all students to stay in touch over the break • thanks, Karin!

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