InDesign files have been delivered!

Yesterday, Amber and I delivered the final mechanical files to Professional Printing—along with a beautiful dummy that was created by Army, Amber, Diane, Tyler, and Jessica. Thanks for all of your help!

This means that next week we will receive blue-lines and, once approved, the parts of your beautiful book will go to press. There will be three separate press-runs and, potentially, three press-checks. I will text the group when press-checks are going to happen so that, if you are available and would like to, you can attend.

Once the pages are printed and trimmed, and the larger sheets are folded, we will need to collate the the pages. This may happen here at the VAC or at Professional Printing. I will text details when I know more.

After collating the pages, the books will be drilled and returned to us for bindery. Stay tuned for details and requests for help regarding the bindery party!

Thanks again, you guys! I am extremely proud of your hard work and am looking forward to celebrating this accomplishment together soon!



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