Design Teams

Together with your team devise a singular design to present to the printer that is a culmination of the best of each of your presentations. At this point, you can explore variable concepts, but it will be best if you work to devise a single and solid plan for the book. In addition to the printed book, consider and design how the Tumblr site will look and relate to the printed piece.

Common themes for all teams include the use of uncoated paper and a TUMBLR companion to the publication.

Team Zine Scene | Amber, Jesse, Lisa, and Pamela

  • Small book in portrait orientation (5 x 7, 3 x 5, or 4 x 6)
  • Scout Books online vendor
  • ’90’s zine look and feel (unpolished)
  • Half-tone image approach
  • Potential for a series of books and / or variable covers to showcase student artwork
  • Organized captions
  • Use of kraft paper
  • hand bound or rubber band bindery
  • Tear out calendar of events
  • Succinct description of the disciplines

Team Unbound | Hannah, Maddie, and Rachel

  • Small tulip fold
  • Over size (9 x 13) 8-page sig that unfolds into a poster with student artwork, potentially in variable
  • Random bright color
  • Sans-serif type
  • Newsprint paper
  • Half-letter size with saddle stitch bindery
  • 2-color job
  • Triangles
  • Most work online rather than in printed piece
  • Custom cover (screen printed or painted) gives ability to edition the book and number
  • Comic book approach
  • Color coding for disciplines
  • ’90’s zine look and feel (unpolished)

Team Peek-a-boo | Allie, Bri, Jessie, and Lauren

  • Accordion fold or Z-fold cover with 2 8-page sigs
  • Silver ink on bright random color cover weight paper
  • Small book (4 x 6 or 6 x 3)
  • Sans-serif typography
  • 2 front covers perhaps dedicated to the two degree tracks
  • Primarily 2-colors for type and design elements
  • Color coding for sections
  • Perfect bind
  • No creases through student artwork

Team Quiet Noise | Alex, Aneas, Becca, Jashina, Leona, and William

  • Small book (6 x 4)
  • Perfect bind or saddle stitch
  • Varnish or tone-on-tone cover
  • Minimal, modern design, bauhaus-like, strong use of typographic grid
  • Soft touch cover
  • Simple colors
  • Monochromatic

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