Faculty Presentations

Hi Everyone! I am writing this post so that I can share with you the email that I plan to send to VAC faculty and staff about our upcoming presentations. I will need some help with organizing for this meeting: checking that the PC and TV screen in the room are in proper working order, setting up the room itself, and gathering snacks and the like for the faculty. I am so excited for you to share your ideas.

Here is the message:

Hello Friends!

The class tasked with designing the new 340 High Street Student Art Magazine would like to cordially invite you to view their presentations for the design of the 2017 edition and gain your feedback regarding the optimum direction for the publication. If you are available, please assemble in room 332, which is the drawing critique room, at 12:30 p.m. on Monday, October 9th.

The students have been working hard on four unique design and production directions. I anticipate that the presentation will take about an hour, after which the faculty and staff will discuss the merits of each design and choose a design direction so that students can begin production of the magazine. We will have a representative from Professional Printing in the meeting so that viability can addressed at this time.

Thanks in advance for your participation—it means so much to the students to get your feedback and validate their efforts. Please email me (hboone@tcc.edu) and let me know if you will be able to attend.

Warm regards,

Faculty and other friends and staff that plan to attend: Heather Boone, Jamie Schnur, Diane Graham, Ron Neale and his CDI class, Corinne  Lilyard-Mitchell, Sue Fay, and Amber Wilson


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