To Do 11/15/2017

Tumblr Team: Racheal, Bri, Maddie
Writing Team: Pamela, Amber, Hannah, Alex, Lauren, Lisa, Aneas
Design Team: Allie, William, Jessie, Jesse, Becca, Jashina


  1. Caption Lists (Tumblr Team)
  2. Upload Images (Tumblr Team)
  3. Input Tumblr Captions (Tumblr Team)
  4. Tumblr Description Writing
  5. Tumblr Icon that Looks like the Cover
  6. Rewrite Text (writing team)
  7. Email Jean about Covers (Heather)
  8. Trim Pages for Page Assignment (Becca)
  9. Trim Images for Page Assignment (Jashina)
  10. Print New Images for Page Assignment (Amber)
  11. Follow Up with Ryan re: Printmaking Images (Pamela)
  12. Follow Up with Diane re: Ceramics (Diane)
  13. Design Template (Heather and Jesse)
  14. Assign Pages to Students (Heather)
  15. Email Curt Wynn about Logo Placement (Heather)
  16. Caption Forms for Design Entries
  17. Mock Ups for Design Entries
  18. Graphic Design Entries for TUMBLR
  19. Ashley: Motion Graphics Piece
  20. Craig: Video Piece
  21. Ron: Advertising Piece

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