Page Assignments

Analog Booklet

Page 1 • Pamela
Sarah Patton, Sphynx, Oil on Board, Painting I 

Pages 2–3 • Jashina
Jessica Donovan, Magic, Clay, Wheel-Thrown Pottery
Lisa Connelly, Spider Hands, Charcoal, Drawing I
Jessica Allen, Viking Burial, Linocut Reduction, Printmaking

Pages 4–5 • Alex
Carolyn Riley, Basket of Plums after Chardin, Oil on Canvas, Painting I
Alexandra Garcia, Night Watcher, Linocut, Printmaking
Anna Sobol, The Dementor’s Kiss, Book, Three Dimensional Design
Taylor Harvey-Thornton, Space Fabric, Glass, Supervised Study in Crafts (Glass)

Pages 6–7 • Racheal
Emily Heiler, Assignment 2, Oil on Board, Painting I
Rebecca Smith, Glaze Gone Wild, Clay, Introduction to Pottery
Samuel McGrath, Poster 1 (Emphasis), Poster, Fundamentals of Design I

Pages 8–9 • Jessie N
Alexa Adamezyk, Geometric Abstraction, Acrylic on Paper, Fundamentals of Design I
Melissa Smith, Zen Doodle, Sharpie and Acrylic, Fundamentals of Design I
Thomas Kearly, Rat, Mixed Media, Three Dimensional Design
Tyler Greenwell, In School Suspension, Glass, Glassblowing IV

Pages 10–11 • Becca
Alison Miller, All that Jazz, Micron Pen, Drawing II
Alexandra Brannon, Prying Open My Third Eye, Metal, Sculpture
Elizabeth McCoy, Popsicles ’n’ Paper, Colored Pencil, Drawing III

Pages 12–13 • Lisa
Shalina Mitchell, Not Just a Girl, Oil on Canvas, Portrait Painting
Julie Larkin, The Rustic Baker, Clay, Wheel-Thrown Pottery
Elizabeth McCoy, Home Sweet Home, Clay, Three Dimensional Design
Tony Gelardo, Trees on a Cliff, Linocut Reduction, Printmaking

Pages 14–15 • Aneas
Betty Haslett, Crystal Vase with Roses, Watercolor, Watercolor II
Zachary Taylor, Primary Nature, Glass, Glassblowing III
Emy Teach, Tree by the Breeze Bay, Found Objects, Sculpture

Page 16 • Pamela
Victor Perotti, Victor in the Sky with Diamonds, Oil Pastel, Drawing II


Digital Booklet

Page 1 • Bri
Stephen Jackson II, Untitled I, Digital Photograph, Imaging and Concepts

Pages 2–3 • Jesse M
Rachael Liebman, Nolan Niu, Website, Interactive Design II
Samuel Behm, Heads, Digital Photograph, Introduction to Digital Photography
Jessica Ruiz, Every Time I Die, Digital Photograph, Imaging and Concepts

Pages 4–5 • Maddie
Jesse MacKenzie, Futura, Event Collateral, Communication Arts Workshop

Pages 6–7 • Allie
Samuel Behm, Deer Jaw, Digital Photograph, Introduction to Digital Photography
Lisa Loy, Untitled I, Digital Photograph, Advanced Photography
Jesse MacKenzie, Personal Identity System, Identity System, Communication Arts Workshop

Pages 8–9 • Lauren
Motion Graphics Yet to Come
Video Yet to Come
Karen Heenan, Red Cross, Advertising Campaign, Communication Design I

Pages 10–11 • William
Omayone Abayomi-Paul, Untitled I, Digital Photograph, Introduction to Digital Photography
Andy McKay, Flag, Digital Photograph, Advanced Photography
Zorina Amen, The Seven Ravens, Poster, Computer Graphics II

Pages 12–13 • Hannah
Rachel Liebman, Second Nature, UI/UX Design, Interactive Design II
Bri Clayton, Untitled, Digital Photograph, Introduction to Digital Photography
Miranda Massey, Untitled, Digital Photograph, Advanced Photography

Pages 14–15 • Amber
Callie Barton, Untitled, Digital Photograph, Introduction to Digital Photography
Shelby O’Neal, Greed and Temperance, Pattern Design, Computer Graphics II
Jesse MacKenzie, It’s Hot in Here, Information Design, Computer Graphics II

Page 16 • Bri
Bri Clayton, Luke Chueh, Editorial Design, Typography


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