To Do 11/29


  1. Collect Contact Information (Heather)
  2. Collect and combine page designs (Heather)
  3. QA Analog Booklet (All)
  4. Mock Ups for Design Entries (Design Team)
  5. Graphic Design Entries for TUMBLR (Tumblr Team)
  6. QA Digital Booklet (All)
  7. QA Tumblr (All)
  8. Review how to post items to TUMBLR (Tumblr Team)
  9. Rewrite Text (Writing Team)
  10. Review writing (Writing Team and Heather—Sue)
  11. Tumblr Description Writing (Writing Team)
  12. Tumblr Icon that Looks like the Cover (Design Team)
  13. Email Jean about Covers (Heather)
  14. Email Curt Wynn about Logo Placement (Heather)
  15. Ashley: Motion Graphics Piece (Heather)
  16. Craig: Video Piece (Heather)
  17. Get Allie’s Print Image (Heather)
  18. Generate QR Code (Heather)
  19. Assign Participation Meetings (Heather)
  20. Plan a party! (All)

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