PR 1: Synopsis


  1. Two booklets side by side in a gate fold—room for personalized section.
  2. Perfect-bound landscape book with color paper dividers
  3. Perfect-bound book with translucent cover and color coded sections
  4. Portrait book with die-cut slits to place perforated pages into resulting in a customizable cover


  • Origami inspired cover to hold booklet
  • Color coded sections


  • Landscape booklet
  • Neenah Kraft paper cover with die-cut 340—peeps through to colorful page
  • Rubber band bind with single sheets (not signatures)
  • Full page image for section intros
  • Titan gloss for first photo page
  • Titan dull for inside pages
  • Inside pages set in an ink flood (black or pink)


  • CD sized book
  • Die-cut and/or letterpress cover
  • Icons for section identifiers
  • #80 smooth paper for inside pages
  • Black paper cover with peep through from die-cut


  • Yellow paper cover with metallic ink
  • Square book 7 x 7
  • Some pages have full bleed images
  • TUMBLR site to go with booklet
  • Matte coated sheets for inside


  1. Table Book
    • Rubber band closure
    • Accordion cover with four 16-page signatures stitched in
    • Color coded sections
    • Half-sized pages at section intros
  2. Black and white book
    • Colored thread stitch bindery
    • Four pockets with 16-page sig inside


  • Box of cards
  • Tone on tone printing on cover (box)
  • Box size: 2.5 x 3.5 or 4.5 x 6
  • No sections
  • Perforated cards with larger images on back
  • Icon system for media identification
  • Box has die-cut for display purposes
  • Random JavaScript website to show all work


  1. Over-sized book with neon ink
    • Multiple page sizes
    • Uncoated white paper
    • Hand-stitched bindery
  2. Canvas cover book
    • Type focused
    • Lots of whitespace
    • Customizable cover
  3. Pockets
    • Series of pockets with items to remove
    • Cards or signatures in pockets
    • Stitched up the side with thread


  • Letterpress and/or die-cut cover
  • Cover shows through to pattern
  • Cover uses textured paper in a natural color
  • Hand bound
  • Perhaps, flip book to view as landscape or portrait
  • 4 x 7
  • 35–40 pages
  • Web companion to book to show all work
  • Easter egg on website for personalized section

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