PR 2: Printer presentations

Preparing to present to the printer is an important step in the process of designing 340 High Street. This assignment will allow each team to gain valuable feedback about viability of your proposal in terms of production and budget.

Together with your team devise a singular design to present to the printer that is a culmination of the best of each of your presentations. At this point, you can explore variable concepts, but it will be best if you work to devise a single and solid plan for the book. In addition to the printed book, consider and design how the digital companion will look and relate to the printed piece.

Consider, design, and address the following when presenting your idea:

  • Materials (paper, special production accommodations, etc.)
  • Binding
  • Front and back covers
  • Title page
  • About the VAC content
  • Section intros
  • Two page spread layout with student art work and caption conventions
  • Thank you section
  • Colophon
  • Index
  • Personalized section (if relevant)

Prepare a PDF to present your concept to the printer for evaluation—be sure that your presentation accurately articulates your singular concept. At this link, you will find the printer presentation from a former section. Use this as a guide to the structure of your team’s presentation and make adjustments as needed. You can use the images from last year’s magazine in your PDFs at this link.


Another goal of this assignment is to collect an estimate from the printer for your team’s concepts. I will use the stock information that you provide to the printer to order paper for your dummies to present to the faculty. The printer will need to know the following specifications in order to create an estimate for your design:

  • Flat size
  • Folded size
  • Cover stock
  • Text stock
  • Cover ink
  • Text ink
  • Binding
  • Quantity
  • Page Count

Value: 100 points
class 10 • t 9/24 9:00 A.M.


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