PR 3 & 4: Faculty Presentation and Blank Dummy

Projects three and four involve preparing a presentation and blank dummy of your team’s idea and design to present to the faculty. We will work to get estimates from Professional Printing so that you will know how much your concept will cost. You will also build a to-scale dummy in the correct paper for this presentation (a blank dummy). The faculty will then choose which concept they would like to pursue for this year’s edition of the magazine.

They will scrutinize your design—you must really polish your presentation and design for this event.

Use the upcoming week to add to and revise your presentation. Be sure that you have addressed the design of the following in your PDF:

  • Materials (paper, special production accommodations, etc.)
  • Binding
  • Front and back covers
  • Title page
  • About the VAC content
  • Section intros
  • Two page spread layout with student art work and caption conventions
  • Thank you section
  • Colophon
  • Index
  • Personalized section (if relevant)


I will use the stock information that you provide to order paper for your dummies and to request and estimate from Professional Printing. Email me (hboone@tcc.du) specifications for the following:

  • Flat size
  • Folded size
  • Cover stock
  • Text stock
  • Cover ink
  • Text ink
  • Binding
  • Quantity
  • Page Count

Value: 100 points
class 14 • m 10/08 9:00 A.M.


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