Faculty presentations

Hi All! Our faculty presentations are scheduled for October 8th at 1:00 p.m in the drawing critique room. I have requested that as many chairs as possible be in the critique room to accommodate the guests and that a Mac is connected to the television in the room.

Kerry has agreed talk at the beginning of the presentation about what you have done as a class so far—what has led up to these presentations. Remember that your team presentations will need to address the design of both the magazine and the digital component—everything must be accounted for.

I have sent your specs to the printer and the paper rep. We should get paper for your prototypes soon and we should have real estimates from the printer for this presentation.

We often have snacks at this presentation. Layne has created a sign-up sheet for snacks:

  1. Layne: Halloween Cookies
  2. Kerry: Preacher Cookies
  3. Justin & Rachel: Blueberry Muffins
  4. Fermin: ????
  5. Marcel: Chips
  6. Alexis: Halloween Candy
  7. Sam: A positive attitude, cheese, and crackers
  8. Heather: Water, napkins, and plates

Team presentation order:

  1. Yuge!
  2. Peep Show
  3. She’s Krafty
  4. It’s Complicated
  5. Boox

So far, I have heard back from the following staff and faculty that plan to attend the presentations: Diane Graham, Nancy Mansfield, Corinne Lilyard-Mitchell, Nancy Pettigrew, Caleph Sumner


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